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*starShop is a professional and powerful billing, monitoring and management system for Calling Shops, Internet cafes, libraries, schools, hotels and any hospitality place that provide phone calls for public use.

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starShop Online

starShop Online

"Total hosted billing solution for callshop "

*starShop ONLINE is an easy web-based application that lets you administrate any calling shop, from one to an unlimited number of phone booths.

This solution provides you with the best VoIP termination VoIP carriers. Every route has multiple ways to get to the end destination to ensure call quality/call completion.

What this means, we are making sure that all the calls are routed via the best route/quality to satisfy your calling clients. Traditionally VoIP termination offers only single route per destination which leaves customers redialing numbers without call completion. With *starShop completion and call quality are our priority.

Our main benefits is that *starshop Online can be used by any kind of computer, and also doesn’t require any installation of any kind of sofware. Indeed, starshop online runs via any one of the major web browser such as :

- Internet explorer
- FireFox
- Chrome
- Safari

Main features:

- No software installation required;
- administrator (full administration access) and employee (limited access) login access
- Manage real-time invoicing;
- Supervise, control and monitor each call;
- Define rates for each destination;
- Control booths with one click (enable / disable);
- Quick and Easy billing (prepaid or post-paid);
- Evaluate turnover/profit with advanced statistics tools
- Online account top up (via Paypal)
- easy to install and use
- no minimum purchase by month
- cancel your account at any time
- be up and running in less than a day
- control your selling price and update them at any time. The changes will be affected immediately.
- multilanguage

Our free rental Telecom Billing System offers :

- Simple Installation
- High-quality calls
- Low International Rates
- Online reporting
- Language available: English, French, Spanish, Italian. More languages can added with no additional cost.