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*starShop is a professional and powerful billing, monitoring and management system for Calling Shops, Internet cafes, libraries, schools, hotels and any hospitality place that provide phone calls for public use.

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starShop Alone

starShop Alone

"Wants to be autonomous?"

You want to use our plateform but you already have your own minute provider?

It’s possible too. We can redirect all your calls to any 3rd party carrier (minute provider).

We will set up everything for you, make sure that our system is compatible with your current VoIP minutes provider.

How much this will cost ?

We don’t hide any numbers to you, we will allow you to send as much minute as you want.

The price of this offer will depends on the numbers of booths that you are going to be using.

To give you an idea, here is a sample of our simple pricing :

- up to 60000 minutes, we charge £0.005 per minute transiting on our server. If more than 60000 minutes, please contact us for a better deal.

Technologies used by our system :

- AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
- CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
- DOM - Document Object Model
- HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
- JavaScript
- Flash Operator Panel
- Asterisk PBX
- SIP EXpress Router

Here is a sample of available features :

Web Administration

1. LCR with several carriers
2. Report, cost, profit ( report selection: date month, callshop, reseller)
3. Tariffs: provide different rates to different resellers & callshops
4. Manage currency
5. Credit, Debit account ( Callshop operators can see their account online)
6. Create resellers who can sell to callshop


1. Resellers can create callshops
2. Create & manage rates
3. Run traffic and profit Reports


1. Live billing
2. Pre-paid/Post-paid function
3. Reports
4. Cdrs
5. LOCK/UNLOCK booth