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*starShop is a professional and powerful billing, monitoring and management system for Calling Shops, Internet cafes, libraries, schools, hotels and any hospitality place that provide phone calls for public use.

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*starShop Online

If you wonder how much this solution cost, here is all you need to know :

- Free installation and configuration of your account on our servers
- Free remote assistance to help you configuring your equipment.

We only ask £150 for your first purchase of minutes , which will be directly credited to your account for immediate use.

The only thing you will need at your end :

- Handset
- any kind of SIP device ( we recommend the Mediatrix 1104 )
- an ADSL line ( we recommend a minimum of 1Mbps for 4 phones)
- A single computer for managing/billing your customers

*starShop Minutes

You are looking for a realiable carrier provider, this offer is for you :

The only thing you will have to do is to open an account and top up your account with a first top up of £150 and a minimum of £100 for any further top up . Please contact us for more information.

*starShop Alone

up to 60000 minutes, we charge £0.005 per minute transiting on our server. If more than 60000 minutes, please contact us for a better deal.