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*starShop is a professional and powerful billing, monitoring and management system for Calling Shops, Internet cafes, libraries, schools, hotels and any hospitality place that provide phone calls for public use.

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How does *starShop Online work?

*starShop Online identify the calls originating from your premises and associate them with your online account. From your browser, you will be (...)    learn more >>

What can I do with *starShop Online?

Bill your customers for their local or long distance calls made from your premises (cybercafé, library, hospital, callshop …). Keep track of all (...)    learn more >>

How much does it cost?

No monthly fees, no hidden costs, cancel anytime. You just have to buy some credit each time your balance reaches 0€ (...)    learn more >>

How much bandwidth do i need?

We recommend a broadband access dedicated to the phone lines with at least 1Mbps speed for 4 booths.    learn more >>

Can I add more cabins over time with *starShop Online?

Yes, at anytime.    learn more >>

Can *starShop Online help me attract new customers?

Yes, *starShop Online is a great opportunity to provide a new service to your customers and attract new ones. If needed, we can provide marketing (...)    learn more >>

What makes *starShop Online better than other services?

We are proud to make *starShop Online the best online callshop billing system. We don’t hide fees nor charge monthly fees. Very few similar (...)    learn more >>

Does *starShop Online offer a Service Provider Solution?

We do offer a hosted solution with full access to our platform, create your own customer accounts and buy minutes from us. Please contact us for (...)    learn more >>

About the *starShop Online team.

*starShop Online is the leading provider of Internet-based callshop billing solutions. *starShop Online is up to 80% cheaper than any other (...)    learn more >>

What is *starShop Online?

*starShop Online is service that allows you to bill local or international voip calls from your premises, directly from your PC. No software is (...)    learn more >>